A Goodbye

joshcamas Owner posted Oct 26, 14
Hello, my name is Josh Steinhauer. You can call me joshcamas.

It is with regret that I am here to say that McOnslaught, after a full year of development, has officially been shut down for good.

What was McOnslaught?
McOnslaught was a innovative idea. The idea that you could create a full-fledged fantasy world within the limits of Minecraft. That one could create a world of interesting NPCs, monsters, and items. A world that is alive, not static like Wynncraft. NPC merchants buy and sell intelligently depending on what the players think the items are worth, and item drop rates change accordingly. Instead of simply picking a very shallow class system, you simply play the game, and play it how you wish - you then get better at what you do. You choose your destiny.

Why did it stop?
Simply put, I was the only one truly interested in this idea. And after a full year of no one else helping much, even I was getting tired of it all. Combining homework, school and life only lets me have a small amount of time to do what I like to do - make games. And I simply didn't want to spend it all on a project that no one cares about. :)

Running this server was a personal growth for me - I learned a lot, and met a lot of people in the process. I really loved this little server, but I for one feel that it is time for me to leave it.

That's about it. I thank you all who supported me in this project, and wish you a happy life.
-Joshua Steinhauer

If you want to follow my other projects, I have recently made a new blog: joshcamas.wordpress.com
SpinShockRX Builder :(( but can i still join the server, i think i can be online more often, and we can bring it back up dont give up